FAQ & Help

1. Contact customer service 

Our customer service can be reached by email to info@gingersnapbali.com or please click this link https://bit.ly/2KymVRO 

Our office hour is starts from 8.30am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday (except holidays). Any message out of our office hour will be reply in the next day. 

2. How to buy ?

Please, follow the step In this link https://bit.ly/2logrlX  

If the style you desire you desire is not available in our online shop, please contact info@gingersnapbali.com

3. Payment

What payment methods are available ?

For overseas order, we have the following payment methods :

- Paypal

- Credit card (which will be integrate with Faspay our payment gateway)

For domestic order (around Indonesia), we have the following payment methods : 

- Credit card (which will be integrate with Faspay our payment gateway)

- Bank Transfer

Why can my credit card be declined ? 

Your credit card may be declined for any of the following reasons : 

  • Your card has expired. Check the expiry date of your card.
  • You may have reached the limit of the available amount of the card, Consult your bank for the authorized amount of your card.
  • One of the data is not correct. Check that you have correctly checked the date in the corresponding fields.
  • You have ordering from a country or with a card from an unauthorized country.
  • Your card having a 3D security problem. 

Can I claim a tax refund ?

No, only products purchased and transported by the customer.

4. Delivery

Where can I receive my order ?
You can receive your order at home or office (delivery address that you put in your order detail).

In which countries can I indulge ?
We are able to ship worldwide.

Can the delivery country be different from the purchase ?
Yes, you can put different address detail for delivery address.

5. Refunds
What should I do to return an item ?
All purchased item are non refundable.

6. Returns and exchanges.

6.1 - I want to make a return.

  • Conditions of return

        All purchased item cannot be returned. Except of defective clothing, customer allowed to exchange. 

6.2 - I wish to make an exchange.

Conditions of exchange

To be able to trade, your items must be kept in their original condition and packaging, unworn, unwashed and tagged. The exchange is applicable only on the same item or on the lower or equal price.

Exchange deadline

You have 3 working days from the date oh receipt to exchange your products.

Exchange fee 

The exchanges are free (in the limit of a return by order, beyond, shipping costs are at your expense).